– Robert D’Onston Stephenson

Stephenson was an educated man with a background in medicine and chemistry.  He apparently also had a strong interest in black magic.  In July of 1888, Stephenson checked himself in at the London Hospital in Whitechapel, complaining of tension and sleeplessness, and he stayed there until December.  This alone makes him at least a viable suspect, as he was in the area at the time of the murders.  While at the hospital, he wrote numerous letters and articles to the press about his thoughts concerning the Ripper.  A number of people even suspected him of being the Ripper – although there’s no strong evidence demonstrating why they suspected him.  So, while he was skilled with a knife, was in the area at the time and was suspected by some as being the Ripper, I still see Stephenson as an unlikely candidate for a few reasons.  First of all, I see a problem with him being able to leave the hospital – on at least four separate occasions – and then, after brutally butchering at least five women, re-entering in the early morning without arousing suspicion.  Also, he was not known to be violent, and lived until 1916, almost thirty years after the last generally accepted Ripper murder.  I can’t see a homicidal maniac who butchers women suddenly stopping and living for another thirty years without murdering.  Lastly, he didn’t match any of the known witness statements.  He was forty-seven at the time of the murders, whereas most of the witnesses placed their suspects between the ages of 25-40, and he was taller than any of the men the witnesses saw, by a good three inches (Stephenson was 5ft 11in).

Stephenson was a somewhat mysterious, enigmatic figure, someone who seemed to have a strong interest in the Ripper case, but I think that’s where his involvement ended.

Candidacy of Robert D. Stephenson: **½ (out of 5)

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  1. FACTS:
    – he checked himself into the hospital by faking
    – he was in the millitary as a surgeon, so he would have the athleticism and skills
    – the hospital had less staff on weekends and it was possible for a patient like him to leave and return without question
    – he also contracted a disease by prostitutes
    – left the hospital not long after the murders were commited
    – and lastly, he alone said there would be no more murders after kelly was killed

    that’s my analysis, to me those make a crediable suspect

    • Hi Trent,

      I did make mention in my post that I consider him a viable suspect; I just don’t believe a very likely candidate. And some of your ‘facts’ are merely conjecture on the parts of certain authors.

      Thanks for writing,

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