– Dr. John Williams

Dr. Williams is a relatively new suspect, put forward by his nephew who believes that his uncle was indeed the infamous Whitechapel fiend.  While there does appear to be some interesting connections to some of the Ripper victims (he apparently performed an abortion in 1885 on a woman named Mary Anne – with an ‘e’ – Nichols, and at one time he may have known a woman named Mary Kelly), whether these were the actual victims or just women with the same (or similar) names is unknown.  What is known is that Dr. Williams was in Whitechapel at the time of some of the murders, once had a clinic in the area, and that, being a surgeon, had anatomical knowledge.  But was he the Ripper?  Highly doubtful.  The reason Tony Williams gives as to why his uncle slaughtered numerous women was that he was attempting to find a cure for his wife’s infertility.  But does this really make sense?  Would a world-renewed physician really take to the streets of Whitechapel and cut up innocent women all in the name of medicine?  Surely, even in 1888, a doctor of Williams’s intelligence and knowledge would know that there would be nothing to gain from ripping up and taking random organs from forty-year-old prostitutes.  If he hoped to find a cure for his wife’s infertility, then why take a kidney from Catherine Eddowes?  Better yet, why didn’t he simply perform legal autopsies on dead bodies if he wanted to learn more about the female reproductive system (or read a book on the subject)?  It just doesn’t make any sense.

And what of the knife and slides the author found in his uncle’s collection in the National Library?  Well, according to Tony Williams, this is a sure-fire sign of his uncle’s guilt – after all, the knife was similar in appearance to the one speculated the Ripper would have used.  But what’s so strange about finding a knife among the belongings of a surgeon?  Or a slide containing animal matter?

Aside from some possible connections to some of the Ripper victims, and a connection to Whitechapel, there just isn’t anything in Williams’s personality or habits to suggest he was a violent, deviant serial killer who killed and mutilated at least five women.

Candidacy for Dr. John Williams: ** (out of 5)

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