Welcome to Saucy Jacky, the official Jack the Ripper site of Australian horror/thriller author Brett McBean.

The crimes of the serial murderer known to the world as Jack the Ripper in the autumn of 1888 have both horrified and enthralled the world for over 120 years.  The Autumn of Terror in London’s East End gave birth to the modern serial killer, as well as a host of myths, legends and the enduring image of a cloaked madman stalking the gas-lit, cobblestoned streets of Victorian-era London.

Saucy Jacky is a product of my twenty-year interest in the Ripper, a place where you’ll find book and movie reviews, as well as other topics of discussion all related to the crimes of Jack the Ripper.  So pull up a hansom cab, have a glass or two of gin, and come with me on a journey filled with murder and mystery…

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  1. imagine if vincent van gough was the ripper he moved to london in the 1800’s he used to thrash himself with a stick when his work wasnt going to plan and he must of been a little bit gone in the head to cut of his own ear. Its just a suggestion.

  2. i think gough lived in brixton london a very over crowded place such as whitechappel i think he may of visited whitechappel its known he would walk very long distances around london he could speak all different languages and never socalised with many people

  3. And the Dear Boss letter did state that he shall clip the lady’s ear off!!! Hmmm…Van Gough as the Ripper…I think you may be onto something here…;-)

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